Quick Sort — JavaScript implementation

  • Given an array, recursively splitting the array by a pivot, that is,
    – all values less than the pivot value are moved to the left of pivot
    – all values greater than the pivot are moved to the right of pivot
    – until the array to be split has less than 2 elements
  • The left and right subarray are not sorted.
  • The elements rearrange is done in place, that is, there is no need to create new array.

Helper function

  • Pick up any element as the pivot (In the example code, we use the element at index 0)
  • Split the array by the pivot
  • Return the pivot index

Driver function

  • Call the helper function
  • When the helper return the pivot index, recursively call the helper on the left subarray and right subarray
  • The helper will rearrange the given array in place.
  • The base case occurs when the given array has less than 2 elements.

Problem can be solved




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Adela Chao

Adela Chao

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